For Vancouver area residents compliments
Address Change BC (Update address for both BC Medical Service Plan & Drivers License) Canada Revenue Agency (Login then click Address Change, or call CRA at 1-800-959-8281)
Canada Post change of address (Under MAIL FORWARDING click Buy Now) Service Canada CPP, OAS, EI (Login to My Service Canada, then click address change, or call 1 800 277-9914)
BC Assessment (Property taxes) Bank(s)
Investments (GIC's, Stocks, Bonds... Credit Cards (Visa, M/C, Amex…)
Other Creditors (auto loans …) Shopping Cards (Safeway, Save More…)
Frequent Flyer clubs (Airmiles, Aeroplan…) Magazine magazine subscriptions (National Geographic, Readers Digest …)
Newspaper subscriptions (Vancouver Sun, Province …) Doctor(s)
Dentist Chriropractor, Therapist …
Optician Health/Fitness Club
Mail Order clubs Employer(s)
Lawyer(s) Associations (Alumni…)
Church Charities (Salvation Army, Red Cross …)
Electricity (BC Hydro) Gas (FortisBC or call 1-888-224-2710)
Telephone (Telus move 1-855-233-2301) Cell phone provider (Telus, Rogers, Bell, Fido …)
TV, Cable or internet provider (Telus, Shaw …) Satellite (Bell, Telus, ShawDirect …)
Garbage/Recycling city utilities Insurance – Life
Insurance – Extended health or drug plans Insurance – House
Insurance – Auto (ICBC, boat …) Licenses (boat, fishing, dog, cat …)
Clubs (social, athletic, civic …) Memberships (professional …)
School(s) Library (unless same district)
Auto service dealership Contracted services (dry cleaners, gardening …)
Elections BC 1-800-661-8683 TREO Login to account, then click change address, or call 604-516-TREO (8736)
Passport and/or Nexus pass Friends and relatives
Online Shopping (Amazon, eBay ...)  
Canadian Firearms Centre  

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