About Ian Brett, Captain Vancouver

Origins of a Real Estate Superhero

  • Hi, my name is Ian Brett, also known as Captain Vancouver® your real estate superhero!

    The first question I’m often asked is why folk call me a 'real estate superhero'? I created Captain Vancouver as a character for several reasons. By definition a ‘Superhero’ is a person dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and battling villains using superhuman powers. I transformed into Captain Vancouver in part, as a response to the real estate shenanigans that has plagued the City of Vancouver over the past few of years.
  • I wanted to take a public stand and say that I didn’t want to be a part of shady deals. I wanted to show home buyers and sellers that there were honest Realtors out there that want to work hard for them. I also wanted to show myself as being different because each ‘buyer’ is different, each home is unique, and marketing a home should be customized in order to attract a lot of potential buyers. Despite the fact that there are thousands of Realtors in BC, few stand out in offering really good Old Fashioned personal service.
  • I decided to inject some fun and humour into the ‘superhero’ qualities of a Realtor, presenting myself as a real-life Superhero Realtor, ‘Captain Vancouver.’ Want to read the comic series? Go to my Real Estate Comic Website the "Power of R

    Call me today at 604 YOUR KEY, that's (604) 968-7539 if you need to buy or sell a home in the greater Vancouver area of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It would be my honour to work diligently and represent your best interests.


1. The Super Power of Persuasion

I provide traditional Realtor services partnered together with advanced digital marketing run by my superhero marketing team managed by my business partner and superhero sidekick ‘Amy’ (aka ‘Mega Media Maven’). Amy is a brand and marketing specialist with industry qualifications in design, film and marketing. Together we are a powerhouse ‘digital marketing persuasion’ team providing homebuyers and sellers with value added services that you can’t get anywhere else!

2. The Super Power of Giving Back

What kind of superhero would I be if I didn’t leave something behind to remind you that I appreciate you! I give Cash Back to home sellers and my Realtor services to Buyers is FREE!

3. The Super Power of Advanced Negotiation

Not all mere mortal Realtors have the same sensory abilities. With Captain Vancouver, Home Buyers get the extra benefit of my advanced negotiation training from Queens University. You will feel superhuman after you ‘win’ over the competition while achieving best purchase results.

4. The Super Power of Technology

I first got started in Real Estate in the mid-80’s with the First Interactive Real Estate TV channel in North America for Rogers Cable TV. I’ve combined my skills as an IT expert with over a dozen industry qualifications, a programmer and certified IT project manager together with being Realtor.

Explore CaptainVancouver.com which has the largest online real estate network in Metro Vancouver, where we get thousands of hits a day from homebuyers looking for a home just like yours.

5. The Super Power of Listening

I listen to your personal and financial needs and work with you to achieve your goals. My promise to you is work really hard to obtain the results you want, whether you are a buyer or seller. Superhero’s protect and defend you…that I what I do. I look out for your best interests!

What I offer as a Realtor is truly out of this world! You’ll be impressed with how different I am from other Realtors and why I’m your Real Estate Superhero. Call me at: (604) Your Key yes, that's (604) 968-7539 and make sure that you connect with me on Twitter @realtysuperhero for the latest news and information on Vancouver Real Estate and the Captain Vancouver® Real Estate Network.